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Wanted. And a Brewer's Friend Update

Part Wild West, part packing room, with hints of The Kernel and Field Notes in the background, our new Wanted theme announces your brews with the urgency they deserve. The three-up display is perfect for smaller lineups of notorious brews, and comes with several background options. Be sure to check it out and see if it fits your BrewBoard.

Brewer's Friend Brew Session integration

We've supported importing recipes from Brewer's Friend since day one. But we now also give you access to your Brewer's Friend Brew Sessions. So if you use brew sessions to track your brewday and fermentation, you can now import from the session directly, capturing any data you have logged there.

In addition we've added some filters to the import screen to allow you to view only recipes or only brew sessions. This is available in the Brewfather integration too (only showing batches, not sessions).

Import Brewer's Friend Brew Sessions