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Improved BrewBoard Controls

There's more than one way to label your taps, bottles and cans. And we've just released an update which handles more of the cases we're seeing from our brewers.

Until now, when adding a brew, you've had the option to provide an identifier. That identifier was a bit of an ill-defined thing - the text below it even admitted as much "E.g. Tap or batch number, to help you locate the brew". If you filled this in, then it displayed next to your brew on your BrewBoard.

Well, that identifer is now gone (don't worry - we haven't lost your data, your board will look the same as before). Instead, we now provide controls for how you label your taps and bottles/cans. And a dedicated field for the batch number, if that's something you track.

Configure your taps (and bottles)

On your BrewBoard Board Settings, you can now decide what identifiers to display next to your brews. For taps that might be the tap number or label (and you can set up your fixed tap labels), the batch number, or nothing (if you use pump clips or write the name of the brew next to the tap). For bottles and cans, you can choose between the batch number or nothing (for those who actually have proper labels on their beers).

For more details, see the Tap Setup and Brew Identifiers page on our documentation site.

This change should not affect how your BrewBoard displays. To transition, we have defaulted BrewBoards to use the batch number as the ifentifier for brews. And we have converted your existing identifiers to batch numbers.

Bonus improvement Fullscreen brewboards are, by their nature, space-limited. BrewBoard themes now handle long identifiers better - so if you label your tap "Best Beer in the World" it will no longer get cut off. But, seriously, just label it "1".

Even more control...

We've also added some new configuration options for the fullscreen view. You can decide which brews to show in fullscreen mode (taps only, bottles only, or both). And if you are using fixed, numbered or labelled taps option, you can choose whether to display the empty taps on the fullscreen view (by default, they don't show).

Hope these updates make BrewBoard more useful to you. If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions, do let us know.