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Chromecast / Android TV Integration

Do you have a Chromecast or Android TV? Then you might like the Google Cast integration we've just released.

With this new integration, you can cast your BrewBoard to any nearby Chromecast-enabled screen. So with a single click you can see your BrewBoard on one or more displays. Quick and easy - great for taproom or keezer large-screen taplists.

For more details about requirements, see our Chromecast integration guide over on our newly launched documentation site. (There's not much else there yet - but we'll be adding to it soon).

Simple Black Theme

We've also just added a new theme for BrewBoard.app subscribers. It's called Simple Black, and it's a clean, modern take on the blackboard idea available in a a couple of different shades and single or double column layouts. Check it out by clicking Change Theme on your BrewBoard - you can preview it even if you don't have a subscription yet.

And if you don't already have a subscription, consider getting one. You'll gain access to new features as we realease them, and also be a part of supporting BrewBoard.app as we develop it further this year.