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A Christmas Theme for your Taplist

For those of you using our fullscreen taplist, we've created a Christmas 2020 theme to brighten up your BrewBoard over the holidays. You can access it via the new theme browser we’ve been working on (click the cog icon, then "Themes", on your BrewBoard).

If you use it and like it, please do share pics of your setup with us (and let us know if we can feature them on our site)!

More themes on the way

For the last 6 weeks or so, we've been focused on building out the theming capability for our fullscreen taplists. As well as the Christmas theme above, we're also rolling out our first Pro theme today, called The Lounge, available in several configurations.

Access to this new theme requires a Homebrew Pro subscription, which you can buy on a monthly or annual basis. As well as allowing you to use this and future themes, your subscription will help us maintain and grow BrewBoard in the future.

We've plenty more themes, features and fun functionality in the pipeline - so if you can subscribe and support us now, we'd really appreciate it!

In case you missed it

In response to requests from a few people we added the ability to delete brews (there's a link at the bottom of the brew details page). In general, we recommend marking brews as finished once the keg kicks, so you keep a record of past brews. But now you can delete too, in case you've added something by mistake.