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More Social: Comments and Notifications

When I hacked together the first version of BrewBoard.app a year ago (first code commit was Sunday October 20, 2019), I had in mind a shareable take on the traditional chalk board. Before long, that vision developed a bit from not just shareable to social. So it's fitting that we're celebrating the anniversary of that first code commit by rolling out our most social feature to date.

A couple of weeks ago, we added the ability for anyone, brewer or drinker, to comment on individual brews, allowing them to add feedback and reviews and to discuss recipes and taste. Today we added real time notifications and a notification inbox so you can catch up on what's been happening on your board since your last visit.

We hope that these additions will be a solid underpinning for BrewBoard.app to become a place where beer talk happens, and where the sharing that's part of brewing culture can continue beyond the last sip. We've several ideas for developing this moving forward - but we're also keen to see what you make of it. We look forward to nudging this in a direction which fosters friendly and constuctive community around our favourite drink and hobby.

(Oh - as part of this we've also published our terms of service which includes some general content guidelines aimed at making sure that we have a baseline for good community behaviour.)