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Fullscreen Ahead

It's been a big week at BrewBoard. A month or so of work came together in a batch of updates which together move our product closer to our vision of a chalk-board for the modern age. So what better time to plant the seed of this blog.

BrewBoard.app started as a simple project to scratch a brewer's itch - a way to get a BrewBoard on a phone. Lockdown gave us the opportunity to focus more time and attention on the budding project. And as we started adding features, we found a growing tension between presenting a clean, simple taplist and exploring the more enhance BrewBoard functionality which a phone/table/computer allows.

Our latest release finally resolves that tension by introducing a dedicated fullscreen mode.

This means that on the phone and computer we have much more freedom to explore the interactive and social possibilities of the BrewBoard. To that end we've updated the look and feel, enhanced the data presented and provided access to past brews as well as current ones.

But tap the fullscreen button, and your BrewBoard transforms into a taplist laid out for big screen, non-interactive displays. There's no limit on the number of brews it shows; and it updates in realtime as you make changes to the BrewBoard from other devices. For now it uses our original Trio theme - but we'll be adding more themes soon, along with numerous options for customisation.

We've got plenty more planned for the future - and we'll keep you updated on the latest changes here.